Hello everybody, my name is Junior Leoso. I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and what I am going to share with you in this blog post.

I have been a professional fitness coach for the last 15 years. I’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their own personal fitness goals. The good news is that we’ve taken those tools, tips and tricks, and we’ve put them together to offer to as many people as we can. I live in San Diego California, I’m a father and a husband, I co-own a personal training and group fitness gym and we share the fitness world with anybody that’s willing and open to listening!

For the next few paragraphs I’m going to talk about what foods impact you and in which way, how they impact you due to your body type, and how to never fear nutrition plans ever again.

There are a lot of fads, shortcuts, pills and powders out there. We need to know the overall effects of those supplements.

Here is a little bit about me. My passion has always been to help people who truly need it. As an athlete, I benefited the most from coaches who invested time and energy in me, my goals and to see me through from start to finish. As an adult, I wanted to give that back. I wanted to help people that didn’t have all the tools necessary to be great athletes in the gym or had the motivation and confidence to know that they could succeed. As I said earlier I am a husband and a father. I’ve been an active personal trainer and fitness coach since 1999. I’ve worked with every body type and every type of athlete; including those with physical limitations. Over the last 15 years I have helped hundreds of clients using fitness as our tool to live a better, happier and healthier lifestyle.

Is this for you? Do you wish not having to regret every sweet bite that you take? Are you eating your must-have sweets at the right time? Do you know when you can drift off from your solid diet standards?

All too often we only get a tidbit or a 10 second sound bite of what the diet provides and what rules we cannot break.  The reality is that a nutrition plan should be more inclusive and less excluding of foods. Do you constantly watch what you eat? Do you feel like your diet plan has you on such a strict regimen that it’s harder to keep up than to stay in line? If you do, chances are your diet isn’t properly written for you, your body type and your lifestyle. Our work schedules, life and family can have a heavy dictatorship on what we eat during the day, the types of food we’re having and the opportunities there are to prepare meals.

Are you tired of spending hours counting calories and still not reaching your goals? If you’ve been the type of person that’s providing your own meal plan and trying to stay within a caloric range; chances are you’re having a hard time combining foods. Are you tired of going from one nutrition plan to the next and still not seeing any of the fat leave your body?  Once again, the reality of most nutrition plans is a deficit in some area; mostly caloric. Your body needs time to adjust to new meal strategies including its workout process, its social life style, its rest etc. Maybe you’re not giving your body all that it needs; you maybe malnourished longer than you realized even though you’re consuming all your daily calories.

Do you suffer from joint pain or eventually take medications all ready to fight weight related diseases? We know that many of our daily stresses both physically and mentally can be attributed to poor nutrition plans as well as an inadequate amount of exercise. Many of the top 10 issues in America; pain, medical and otherwise are directly related to an unfit, unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyle. This includes clean nutrition eating, strength training cardiovascular training and flexibility training. Are you just not getting the results your program promised? This idea goes on and on; many people provide weight loss challenges in two days, slim up in six weeks or six pack abs in 24 hours. That’s just not the case. Most of the people we see on the cover those magazines, shooting those fitness videos or online doing their best push-ups; have been training their whole lives. They are professional fitness models and that is what they do. I’m not here to tell you that you’re going to be the most ripped you’ve ever been but I’m here to tell you that you’re going to get an overall healthier happier more balanced lifestyle including fitness. The true problems with these programs are: they haven’t taken these five steps into action; they haven’t combined all of the necessities of a well-rounded Fitness profile to make them conducive to you personally. When you realize them, you’re going to know exactly how your body works and how to nurture it so that it stays in a healthy shape.

What if I told you that you could cook 10 separate dishes with the same ten ingredients just by combining them differently?  You probably wouldn’t be very surprised. Well, the same is true for personal body transformations. Your ingredients in this case are your cardio, your weights, your food etc. They can all be the same but it’s how we combine them that make and dictate what our dish is going to be. It’s the fashion of which we put these things together that is going to generate the proper outcome for your fitness goals. You’re going to confidently lose weight and be on a good way to reach your goal of weight and body fat. You’ll see the process start to take shape. Others will probably notice before you but when you start realizing that it’s working; there’s nothing that’s going to stand in your way going forward. You will see that you had all you needed all the time within you and that it’s easy to manage your health goals. We want to make sure that you understand from start to finish what it’s going to take now, tomorrow, next week and forever. You don’t have to be a fitness professional, a personal trainer or even a good athlete to get the results you want and to take the next step in your fitness. You’ll do all that while taking in to consideration you’re busy daily life and personal commitments. Again, I’m not here to tell you that this is going to be an all-day thing; that you have to drop the ball on everything else in your life to commit to this fitness plan. What I will tell you is if you trust it and you pay attention; this program will slide into the schedule of even the busiest people.

Clients ask all the time, what’s the best diet or what’s the quickest way to lose weight?

The question should really be what is it that you’re after? Are you an athlete, are you performing a sponsored event, are you looking for lifetime health or are you looking for exponential healthier days? If the answer is more long-term, then the reality is that a short-term diet will never suffice. You can take action but do you want to? Obesity and overweight related complications are the second leading cause of preventable deaths. According to the National Institute of Health, obesity and overweight together are the second leading cause of death in the United States. You can take action but do you want to? Obesity and overweight related complications are the second leading cause of preventable death behind tobacco. According to the National Health Institute, obesity combined with overweight related obstacles is in fact the second leading cause of preventable deaths with an estimated 300,000 deaths per year. These are things that are directly related to lack of exercise and poor nutrition. So, the truth of the matter is, we can reverse this. It does not have to be our reality.

Don’t waste $1,429 a year. Health related costs can not only affect us physically and emotionally but financially as well. Health related costs can cut deep into our limited daily budget but it doesn’t have to be that way. An estimated annual medical cost of obesity issues in the United States was a hundred and forty seven billion dollars in 2008. The medical costs for people who were obese were fourteen hundred twenty nine dollars higher than most of those people with normal weight. So, are you really happy living with those risks; poor health, tooth decay, obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, heart disease or stroke? I know the answer is no. Sometimes those ideas might be far-fetched and for some of us they’re close to reality than we’d like to talk about. Family members, friends and co-workers; most of us know somebody who’s been affected by some of those health risks.  We also know that that somebody could have prevented that. Diets equal anxiety. Diet fads can be frustrating and misleading. With powders, pills and creams; it can all look too confusing. Clients often jump from one diet on to another because of a friend and or advertisement rather than researching to see if it’s best for their bodies. The obstacles for most folks are they don’t know exactly what it takes for their body to adjust to a new nutrition plan. They’re willing to try anything except the basics that work.

You first need to understand the body type you are. You need to understand what foods work best and what foods don’t really work at all for you. Generally speaking, there are three body types. We call those an ectomorph, a mesomorph and an endomorph. In relations to food and exercise; each body type reacts differently to certain meals in the day, caloric intake and caloric bunches. When I talk about caloric bunches, what I mean is, client A could consume 1500 calories in a day; the same as climb B but, perhaps client a eats three meals per day at 500 calories each and climb be eat five meals a day at 300 calories each. Both are benefiting the maximum for their body type. No more yo-yo diet plans. As one of my good clients Cheryl said; “Diets were never good to me. I’d lose some weight but feel stressed then eventually put the weight back on anyway. I love participate in the meal plans that Junior set forth. I never realized how much eating healthy and feeling healthy was a part of each other. I never thought I’d stay on track this easily.  I feel better than ever and not on a yo-yo diet plan, thank you“.

Everybody has an opportunity to change their meal plans and it does not have to be strict. You don’t have to feel deprived and you don’t have to do it for 7, 10 or 15 days and feeling like you’re missing out on every good meal. High nutrition plans are probably the most satisfying to the taste buds and to our bodies and minds. It’s important for me that you understand the process. Along this road, what I’ve learned is, that fitness coaches, personal trainers and health professionals all have a good agenda; they all have a good road map for you but it only helps us both succeed if you understand the process as well. I want you to know why we’re doing things, I want you to know what to expect, I want you to foresee the obstacles in front of you and know how to get around them. We’re going to do that together. None of this information is new; this has been studied over and over again.

Hundreds of clients have gone through this from start to finish, just like you’re about to do now.

We have the answers and I want to share them with you as you go on this fitness journey. Most people say you’ll quit and the facts agree with that. Of the approximately 70% of exercise quitters; more than half of them say that they stopped because they weren’t seen any results. I know that it’s motivating to see the waistline slim down or to see the shoulder muscles coming through but we have to understand the timing of which all that will come together. If you stopped too soon, you’re going to miss out on the benefits that are right around the corner. Everybody’s body is different, not everybody will see results in the first week or even the second. You have to understand that it takes time. We all know a friend who tried a diet or workout program that didn’t work. The reality is that they most likely didn’t give their body enough time to adjust, to learn the new norms or even finish the program at all. These programs are set forth by fitness professionals for other fit people. Whether it’s a DVD, a magazine cut out or workout that you get online; these workouts are generalized programs made for an overall Fitness person. We need to give your body the time to adjust. The truth is you didn’t get overweight and out of shape overnight and you’re not going to get healthy and in shape overnight as well.

Does it seem impossible for you to lose weight? One of my clients Bobby said, “I didn’t know what I was doing before I started working with Junior’s team but you really get to know the process and the plan laid ahead because they will teach you all about it. Exercise used to be a chore, now it’s just a part of my happier lifestyle”. I can’t tell you how important that statement is to me. As we go along through the fitness process, the biggest part is the understanding that this is for you and moulding your social life, your meal plans and your fitness program to match.

So, what’s an action step? Take the time to consider your goals, surround yourself with the people who will support your goals and your new lifestyle. Your acquaintances will either help you or hurt you so please choose wisely. If we hang around these people who party in excess or overeat, we will too.  If we surround ourselves with active outdoor types or people committed to fitness, our interests will align. Be honest to yourself. As one of our client said, “I couldn’t have done it without the support of the PBT staff. I was expertly guided through the whole process and will be forever grateful for that support. For me, it proved to be the difference between feeling like part of the plan and just the client. I’ve fallen off the workout wagon and diets every time I started one. This was the first program I finished with results to show for it”.  Again, this is important, this client understood that she was a part of the process and this wasn’t just us giving instructions she understood the start and the end goal and everything in between.

Withstanding cravings, cravings can often be a de-railer for most of us on your nutrition plans. They don’t have to be. We need to understand what our body is truly telling us and how to react to those signals. For our brain, sugar is just as potent and addictive as cocaine. Cravings can mess up your goal to be healthier. They can stop you from living the life you are aiming for. Sugary, fatty and processed foods have similar effects on your brain as alcohol or drugs. Scientists have even determined that women have more food cravings than men.  They also discovered the stomach may have bacteria that cause some bad foods to taste healthier than they really are. The reason this is relevant is because as we detox our body from the old state to a new fresh state, we’re going to go through a transition period where we don’t typically eat the foods that we like and then that we like the foods that we don’t typically eat.  This is a normal process and you should be ready for that.

Endangering your success: What is a craving, what is an unhealthy food addiction? If you give in to your cravings, you’re less likely to be successful in your plan. The dangers of derailing a little bit each day are catastrophic by the end of the week or even totaling those at the end of a month. We need to understand the difference between a craving and a food addiction. We need to go over your meal plans; foods that derail you daily, weekly, monthly and come up with options for you so you can get through one day at a time. We need to know the difference between real hunger, emotional hunger, boredom and even dehydration hunger. Our body often sends us signals that trigger a need. Because we’re in a different part of our lives now, we process those signals differently from how we would have a thousand, a million or billion years ago. When it comes to cravings we need to give your mind a new focus, an outlet to overcome that step.

One of my clients, Chelsea, had craving that sometimes that knocked her off her diet plan time and time again. We implemented a little trick to curb her cravings by having her brew up a cup of hot tea or reaching for an apple each time she felt an urge for sugary foods. This gave her mind a new focus and the realization that some cravings weren’t true hunger. This saves her thousands of extra calories per month. I’ve spent much of my life playing sports and being in a gym. I’ve completed all the workouts, challenges and hit record highs in the weight room but it wasn’t until I truly dialled in my nutrition to meet my workouts that I began to visually see results and others started seeing them in me as well. I’ve always felt strong and I’ve always been able to compete but it comes a time in your life when you want to see the results and see the work you’ve been working for. That only comes when we tie all these steps together.

We need to be accountable. Like today, all these new insights that you just gained wouldn’t have been there if you didn’t show up for this webinar. You kept yourself accountable, you signed, up you set the date and you did what you said you’re going to do. How would it be if you had that every day? If you got reliable guidance instead of a guessing game you got a clear-cut plan. What if you had somebody; a professional in the field to ask questions at any time, to bring you back on track if you felt side-tracked or just a little off your game? This is challenging. The reality of this one is seventy percent of you who start this plan will fail to finish it. My goal is to make sure that more of you get across that finish line. Studies conducted by independent gyms and other weight loss platforms have reported that anywhere from ten to fifty percent of their people complete the programs set forth. In my opinion, that is leaving way to many of our teammates behind. We definitely want to be a part of creating a support system to share our successes as we all cross that finish line.

On the opposite side of the coin, ten to fifteen percent of participants finish the programs that they enrolled in. Don’t you want to be one of those? Think about what’s at stake if you don’t. Not only did you not achieve your goals but you didn’t see your investment through; you lost time and energy and once again failed to do what you thought you’re going to do while your motivation level was high.  Don’t risk the rest of your life been unhappy with your physical self, having unhappy social life, been tired or always being the person with low energy after a day’s work. These bring a lot of huge drawbacks long after your fitness goals or your timer that gym is done. Invest in real accountability. We simply can’t do everything by ourselves. We don’t want to risk having an unhappy social life. We want to be the tired, low-energy, unproductive people that we see around us. We want to lead by example; we want to have more energy, more life and a happier social circle. Invest in real accountability, get inspired and see others succeed. Your struggles don’t have to be your struggles alone; other people on the same road will see the same success and the same struggles.

Mentoring has helped man since the beginning of time; from sports to business, from marriage to finances and everything in between. We know that the most successful people in any genre have invested in themselves and continue to work with many mentors. This is not due to them knowing little about a topic but their desire to know more and to better understand their goal. You don’t have to figure this out by yourself; we have got a proven program and we can show you the way to put it together so that it fits for you. A truly effective program unites people working towards the same goal, multiplying support, lifting each other up and exchanging success. Can you see how this can help you when you’re not at your best and you can see others pulling you forward?

At other times when you’re feeling very empowered, you can reach back and do the same for your teammates. As one of our clients experienced, he says, “I had hesitations whether or not I would have time to make the commitment that was necessary with Junior’s plan for me. However, since junior and I started working together, I have lost over 20 pounds and dropped eleven percent body fat. Not only as my health become better; my accountability to Junior has improved my total fitness levels beyond what I had planned for myself. For anyone trying to get more from their fitness training and get more out of life, higher Junior”.

I appreciate Bill saying those kind words but the truth is that he had to meet me halfway.  Although the plan set forth for him was good and it worked for his body type and lifestyle; ultimately it took him believing in it and it took him understanding the path and be willing to hit those obstacles and overcome them along the way. Having a professional coach or mentor in your corner can only help you. Someone who sees the end game and has travelled the road you’re on before. These obstacles aren’t impossible to get over; they just need a little bit of planning ahead.

Again, we’re going to talk about how to know what foods are really good for you and if they fit your body type; never fearing any nutrition plan again. The plan should be developed specifically for your desired result. You will eat at different times and you will eat different food types. For each plan created, will ultimately be designed for your goal; lose weight, gain muscle, compete in a half marathon, weekend warriors and you name it.

How to know, deal with and withstand cravings. To be truly aware of them, what they mean and how to combat them. Your body’s going to respond to different types of cardio training. We want to identify the best versions for you, your body and your goal. Accountability, we’re not designed to achieve our dreams alone. Here’s what our solid support system looks like when everybody on your team has the same vision, the same goal and the same timeline and being led by leaders who have seen the end game before.

Now it’s time to make a choice. You can either do something or do nothing. If you do nothing you keep your energy levels the same, your social circle is the same and the next few years of your life ahead in the same physical situation will be the same…or you can do something.

You can make a choice to do something about your current scenario and you can get fit, live a happier life, have more energy and enjoy an overall better fitness experience.

How we can help?

We here at PBT can help you to create your personal strategy and take the next steps to achieve your goal. This is going to be done mutually with a professional and yourself. If you’d like us to support you and we see that we’re a good fit, you might have the opportunity to become one of the next few to join one of our upcoming programs.

If we work together you’ll become part of one of our exclusive three-, six-, or eight-week challenges.  These programs are designed to get you a positive change in your fitness and health within weeks. Our clients usually see powerful changes in their lives within the first two to three weeks and so can you. The people who have completed these programs are no different from you and me. Most of them were not professional athletes or fitness models; they’re just everyday folks who just wanted to improve their overall health and fitness.